Sanibel Day Spa

by paradesign
April 25, 2014

Long, fun days on the beach and endless nights will make you feel like you’ve entered a whirlwind! It’s important to re-energize and pamper yourself, especially on a vacation. Sometimes everyone needs a little rejuvenation in their life to get them back on track and reignite the spark in their life! “Where can I go to get this?” you might ask? The only and best place on the island to receive the ultimate treatment for yourself is the Sanibel Day Spa located in Periwinkle Place. They have the most first-rated treatments, incredibly friendly, professional, and talented staff, and are dedicated to providing you with an overall wonderful experience. This salon is also very tastefully decorated and welcoming to make you feel comfortable and at ease. If you’re curious to learn more you can always give them a call at 239.395.2220 and we would highly suggest checking out their webpage at http://sanibeldayspa.com to get an in-depth look at all the services they provide! This indoor island relaxation spa is the cherry on top to your vacation.

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