Shop and Browse at Periwinkle Place Shops

by paradesign
April 25, 2014

Visiting Sanibel isn’t complete unless you partake in all the amazing shopping this island offers. As soon as you arrive on the island you will find numerous stores with tons of beach gear, knickknacks, and island favorites. There are so many, how is one able to choose where to even begin! The answer is Periwinkle Place! They have over 25 stores carrying everything from jewelry, clothing, dining, specialty items, and much more. Everything anyone could need can be found here! The best part is they are located no more than 3 miles upon the island entrance, by directly taking a right at the four way stop. There is plenty of outdoor seating and lush island shrubbery. This is also a perfect activity to engage in if the weather isn’t exactly how you planned, since this is Florida! You can check out their page at http://www.periwinkleplace.com to see what they are all about and also all the stores in the plaza with their current deals!

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